Song Inspiration


Song Inspiration




The sky has many different colors and cool clouds that we like to see and take pictures of. The colors come from a reflection of the sun that makes the sky change to different colors. The more molecules, and particles in the sky the more the sky looks red and yellow. The clouds also act like a cool background with the color of the sky. Pictures of the sky has been happening for years now. (1)

One of my interests is taking pictures of the sky, and sunsets. The sky to me is very interesting and makes really great pictures. I love trying to get the sun setting because it makes the sky look very pretty and it isn’t as hard to get a picture of the sun because it’s not so bright. There are certain details as well such as, birds, leaves, rainy days, I just prefer to take pictures of sunsets.


(1) ScienceBlogs; The Physics of Sunsets